make up tip no.3

hide imperfections

Concealer is more dense than foundation, allowing fuller coverage of trouble spots and hyper-pigmentation (red areas). It can be used over foundation or on its own, and has greater staying power. Remember, a little goes a long way!

So sick !!!

ugh i hate this soooo much im like totally sick and my eyes are keep running, my eye and nose are red and its just not cute at all soooo with that being said i wont be back to do my reviews or anything until most likely Wednesday or Thursday?


March will be coming sooner then i hoped and i was going to launch my make up line juhng-kee .Im not sure if im ready cause the suppliers for the compact cases to put the eye shadows and blush in aren't going to be here in enough time so i might have to wait until April or May to have them out for sale!!

reviews reviews reviews

Upcoming Reviews


can you say gorgeous lol i love all of these shoes and i could probably afford all of them if i stopped shopping for make up all the time lol!!!

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make up tip no.2

Proper Lighting 

It’s important when you apply your make-up that you have proper lighting .If you are applying your make-up for a daytime job or date, be sure to use natural daylight . If you’re going to be in a setting where the lighting will be dim, or at night, then adjust the lighting accordingly, before applying eye, lip and cheek color.

look for the day :the innocent

Lol yes I said innocent ,light colors to me are always innocent in my book and I just love this one !!! 
I used my bhcosmatics 120 color pallet , lash maxxx mascara,prestige cosmetics liquid liner, Revlon foundation, and cover girl counseler
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make up tip no.1

Applying Foundation

Please and I stress this ,please blind blind blind you foundation .there is nothing more annoying then seeing someone's foundation lines where your makeup stops and your neck begins .you should always bring your foundation (if your wearing v-necks ,shirts that hang of the shoulder or scoop neck ) at least to the top of your shoulder, double-check your neck when applying foundation. Start at the center of the face and blend outward, gradually applying with a lighter touch as you approach your neck and hairline.
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look for the day

I love it , I used my bhcosmatics 120 color pallet , lash maxxx mascara,prestige cosmetics liquid liner, Revlon foundation, and cover girl counseler
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the start of something special

Yes yes I love it and can wait tell I'm finally done !!!
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woot woot updates

Lol yes i did it again ,i made my shop layout match my blog and my website .I'm addicted to matching my themes ,so in two months when i change this one i will be also changing the other two!!!


if you would like to be one of my affiliates please contact me a.s.a.p. ,let me know about you or what you do and why we should be affiliated .also im only accepting 10 cause i don't need a lot just a couple will do. and if you are looking just to be linked on this site contact me ,it will be $0.50 for 3 months - $1.00 for 6 months and $2.25 for a year !!!!

my horrible habits

Omg for some reason I can stop biting my lips ,and its like really bad ,my lip started bleeding and when I cleaned it up I started biting again and like I'm tearing my skin and junk like i don't understand smh
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yes yes i have finally uploaded some font to the content section!!! got download some and please comment if you do!!![click here to check them out]
Photo of a big bunny rabbit!Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

my inspiration

One day when i do become a make-up artist i hope my work can be as good as these ,i like the idea of them taking nature and putting it into there make up especially the flowers and the butterfly those are the cutest!!!

hipster tee's

ok so i was browsing the web for tee's and omg these are super cute and rebellious and i freaking love em all!!! i need to get my hands on these shits asap [or i can make my own] but i really like these one's lol!!!

trends that last for ever

its better to invest in pieces that will last you a lifetime, than buying into the latest trends. Clothing that remains in style, and can be handed down to your daughters or granddaughters, is worth saving up for. Yes, you may have to brew your own coffee for a year, but some pieces are truly worth the wait! Below are the a 3 things i think you should buy now and wear forever.

my new site layout

so i always wanted to have matching blog and site layouts ,so finally i have one !!! i like them both ALOT and every time i change my blog layout i will also change my site layout cause i just freaking love the idea of them matching {weird "I KNOW"} 
see the pics below!!!


So here a couple of edits i've done these past couple days ,and no matter how many times i change one they will still look like crap to me for some reason lol but i do think their really well do and  i kinda love em !

Do you love hair bows ?!?!

If so i believe [this is my opinion] ,i have some of the cutest bows. and if your looking for custom hair bows or hair pins just contact me a.s.a.p. to place an order , my price range is by size and labor [i know your thinking "labor" wth] will making hair bows and pins aren't as easy as it may look or seem .

throw your hands up in the air

Ok this is just a test to see if i would enjoy posting on here lol !!!!