REVLON - custom eyes

Metallic chic

I have to say I love these ,the color ,the pattern on the pallet and the many combinations I came up with while using this product .below you will see one look I put on my cuisine and It just looks great ! i will post those pics soon as i get them .

Packaging - 10%
Texture - 50%
Color choices - 50%
Versatility - 60%

Total = 170%
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make up tip no.3

hide imperfections

Concealer is more dense than foundation, allowing fuller coverage of trouble spots and hyper-pigmentation (red areas). It can be used over foundation or on its own, and has greater staying power. Remember, a little goes a long way!

So sick !!!

ugh i hate this soooo much im like totally sick and my eyes are keep running, my eye and nose are red and its just not cute at all soooo with that being said i wont be back to do my reviews or anything until most likely Wednesday or Thursday?


March will be coming sooner then i hoped and i was going to launch my make up line juhng-kee .Im not sure if im ready cause the suppliers for the compact cases to put the eye shadows and blush in aren't going to be here in enough time so i might have to wait until April or May to have them out for sale!!